Life can sometimes throw challenges at us, as children, teenagers and adults. At times these challenges are expected and at other times they come as a complete surprise. Often, we are able to manage them and sometimes we may feel less able to cope and could benefit from some therapeutic support.

My name is Philippa and I offer psychotherapeutic counselling support in the lovely surroundings of The Counselling & Wellbeing Space in the centre of Wetherby. I trained at The Northern Guild, qualifying to work with children, adolescents and adults and am a registered member of BACP. I have experience of working with children and teenagers from 4-17 years and with adults 18-85 years in charities, GP surgeries and schools.

My counselling approach is integrative, meaning my work is informed by a range of theories and models, ensuring individual needs are met.

Sessions with children and young people often include creative activities to support the therapeutic process, such as art, clay, sand tray, other clients prefer a confidential space to just talk and be heard.

By providing a person-centred service, unconditional support, confidentiality and a safe space, I provide an environment where I can work together with clients towards agreed goals.

I offer a free 15-minute introductory call without obligation and then we can go from there.

Please call me on 07798 775062 or email pw@philippa-counselling.co.uk for more information or to book an appointment.