Children and Young People

Childhood and teenage years can be fun and enjoyable, however many young people face challenges along the way. This may result in low mood, withdrawal, anger, anxiety, sadness, or maybe a sense of feeling lost. Providing a safe, confidential space for children and young people to explore their feelings and the issues troubling them, can help them to make sense of their emotions and their place in the world. Some young people benefit from a confidential space to talk, for others I offer a range of creative tools including, sand tray, clay, art activities and imagery to support the counselling process. "Having a chance to talk through my concerns and worries with Philippa each week really helped me start to discover the real me" Client aged 17


As adults we sometimes feel overwhelmed with the challenges life brings. These may be related to our relationships with others or ourselves or be related to bereavement and loss, to a past trauma or event. Or you may be feeling stuck in your life, unable to move forwards and unsure why. Anxiety, depression, stress, low confidence, anger or shame are some of the emotions and feelings we may experience. I believe that through the relationship we build together, in a safe and confidential space I can support you to explore and gain awareness of your responses to these challenges and help you to strengthen your sense of self. "I wasn't sure what counselling would be like, but Philippa made me feel at ease and really helped me to understand the reasons for my feelings and helped me work through them" Adult client.

School Therapy Services

Primary and secondary schools are perfectly placed to reach pupils in need of therapeutic counselling, especially those pupils who would otherwise not have access to much needed support. If your school is looking for a qualified child and young person counsellor to work with pupils in your school or are interested in discussing options, please contact me to discuss your needs. "Philippa has made a real difference to many of our pupils in need of therapeutic counselling, providing a safe, confidential space to support them to thrive and develop" Parkland Primary School, Leeds.